I WON'T LOSE TOO!!! [Ch.2] [Little Boy]

Anya has been living with her sister, Christine, in this village for as long as she could remember.
A year ago, the King of Darkness, who was thought to have been slained, came back to life.
He was planning to rule the wolrd by resurrecting the Evil army, an army created through Darkness.
Darkness corrupts the hearts and minds og common folk turning them into monsters based on their individual desires and lust.
The King of Darkness learnt from his first defeat twenty years ago that him alone could not achieve his dream of conquering the world.
In order to succeed, he created a new vessal of Darkness prior to his ressurection.
Fortunately, that cessak was stolen by two brave adventures, who raised her like their own child.
That vessal turned out to be Mina, who then became the High Priestess of the village.
With the help of the villagers and her friends, Mina succeeded in defeating the King of Darkness.
To prevent the King of Darkness from ever coming back to life, the Goddess of the Church descend upon the realm and sealed the source of Darkness inside Mina.
And now, a year has passed peacefully.
Darkness is no more...​
Thread Updated: 2021-12-14
Release Date: 2020-12-08
Developer: Little Boy - Patreon
Censored: Yes
Version: Chapter 2
OS: Windows
Language: English

Genre: 2d game, 2dcg, female protagonist, big ass, big tits, monster, vaginal sex, groping, rape, creampie, group sex, fantasy, adventure, japanese game, censored, masturbation, slave, prostitution, multiple penetration, male protagonist.