Goddesses' Whim [v1.0] [Ncrow]

You, the protagonist of all this, with a big heart (and somenthing else..) because of your past, are someone with a boring and lonely life.
But one day, given by your personality to help others no matter what, you decide to give your life for another, which attracts the attention of a certain goddess.
Now, with the opportunity to return to live in another world given by the capricious goddesses that you will meet on your way, you have the chance to start over.

All goddesses seek not to be bored, and you will soon discover that some can be more capricious than others.

What awaits you? What kind of people will you meet? And obviously, how many girls will be madly in love with you?​

Thread Updated: 2021-12-09
Release Date: 2021-12-09
Developer: Ncrow itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

Genre: male protagonist, 3dcg, romance, dating sim, slice of life, harem, teasing, point & click