Goblin Layer [v0.32] [Parodos]

A man on a mission to wipe out every goblin nest (and with a serious goblin fetish) arrives in a frontier town... where all the men have all mysteriously gone missing, and all the women are becoming increasingly horny.
Will he ever be able to form normal human relationships with the thirsty townswomen, or will he lose himself to thicc goblin girls?

A spicy YouTuber played this game (version 0.25): Goblin Slayer would love this thicc Goblin BREEDING RPG - YouTube
(The first screenshot is a pretty good summary of the story so far)​

Thread Updated: 2021-11-14
Release Date: 2021-11-08
Developer: Parodos Patreon- Itch.io- Twitter- Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.32
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux (Check "Tech Support" below for Mac/Linux/Android)
Language: English, Spanish(version 0.27)

Genre: Male Protagonist, Male domination, Ahegao, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Groping, Cheating, Big tits, Big ass, Humor, Adventure, Fantasy, Animated, Teasing, Spanking, Parody.